“The Divine Call” in Qurʾān

If We wish We will send down to them a sign from the sky before which their heads will remain bowed in humility. (Sūrat Al- Shuʿarā/ Verse 4)


Among Aḥādīth, there are 9 narrations which agree that the above verse refers to The Divine Call. Five of them are authentic documents. I respectfully draw your attention to this reliable narration:

ˈAbdullah ibn Sanām said:

[Once], I learnt a Hamādani man told Imām Jaʿfar Sadīq (pbuh), ‘Actually, they (the common people) usually ridicule us and say, ‘Have you believed that a caller in the heavens will call the name of Sāhib al- Zamān [Imām Mahdī (mgehr)]?!’’

The Imām (pbuh) who was leaning before that, sat strict when he heard it and stated, ‘Don’t narrate from me! But narrate from my father; it’s appropriate to do that. I truly and verily learnt my father saying, ‘By God! This issue was obviously mentioned in the Book of The Honorable and Glorious God [Qurʾān]. Then he recited the verse and stated, ‘Well in that time, there is no one on the Erath, but their heads will remain bowed in humility and submission’ (Al- Ghayba, Nuˈmani, Ch. 14, ibid 19)

In conclusion, one can say that The Divine Call is a conclusive proof of the vast notion of Sūrat Al- Shuʿarā, Verse 4. It will happen in The Emergence time; perhaps that’s to say, it is the most important proof of the verse.


Collection date:

5/ 28/ 2017


H., Zamāni, The Divine Call, P. 56- 61

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