Imām Zamān (mgehr)’s statement about the Qummī’s properties

Shaykh ibn Babawayh and other narrated that,

One of Imām Haṣan Askarī (pbuh)’s Deputies was Ahmad ibn Isḥāq. He took Sa’d ibn Abdullah who was of the companion’s reliable people, to The Excellency and asked him some questions. Sa’d ibn Abdullah explained, ‘When we reached His Excellency’s hall of the audience, Ahmad asked permission for me and him to enter, and then we got there. Ahmad had a small sack with him which was hidden among his [Islāmic] cloak. It included one hundred and sixty sacks of gold and silver; each was sealed by a Shia and sent to The Excellency. [Anyhow,] when we had the luck of supporting His Excellency, we saw a child who was sitting on His Excellency ‘s lap. He was similar to Jupiter in perfect goodness and beauty and had two forehead hair.

His Excellency had a golden orb, in the form of pomegranate and was ornamented with beautiful gems and expensive jewels. That was gifted by one of the elders in Baṣrah. The Excellency was busy with writing the letter, he had in his hand. Whenever the child hindered him, he would throw that orb and the child would chase it. Then he would keep on writing

When ʾAḥmad opened the money bag and put it against His Majesty, His Majesty told the child that, ‘There are gifts and presents by your Shiites, open and take the possession of them’

The child, His Majesty Sahib Al-Amr (mgehr), stated, ‘O’ my Lord! Is it rational [permissible]for me to stretch out my pure hand to the Haram (pelf) properties ?!’. Then His Majesty Askarī (pbuh) stated, ‘O’ Son of Isḥāq! Take out what is inside the sack, so His Majesty Sahib Al-Amr (mgehr) will separate the Halal out of the Haram’

Then, ʾAḥmad took out a sack and His Majesty stated, ‘This is for such person who lives in such quarter in Qom. Also, there are sixty-two Ashrafī (Dinars) in the sack where, forty-five Ashrafī is from the national price, which he has inherited from his father and has already sold it. And there are fourteen Ashrafī; the money of seven garments that he sold them and three Dinars are from the rent of his shop.

His Majesty Imām Ḥassān Askarī (pbuh) stated, ‘O’ Son, you are right. Now, say what is Haram among them, in order to separate them.’ He stated, ‘There is one Ashrafī from the coinage of Ray, and has been stamped in such year. The date has been engraved on that coin, but half of its engraving has disappeared.

It is an incomplete scissored Dinar [cut and having missed parts] which weighs one Dung [75 grams] and half, and it was obtained through Ḥarām [unlawful according to Islam]. In this money bag, there are just these two Dinars!

It is Ḥarām because, in certain a year and month, the owner entrusted a rope to a weaver who was of his neighbors. After a while, a thief stole it. The weaver explained that the thief had stolen it, but the man didn’t accept. So, as compensation for the stolen rope, he took a thinner rope from the weaver which weighed as the original one. He had someone weave it, and sold it afterward. Well, these two dinars were obtained from the sale of that garment and they are Ḥarām.

When Aḥmad opened the money bag, he saw two Dinars; having the same signs by Sāhib al Amr (mgehr). He [Sāhib al Amr (mgehr)] stated, “Those were for a certain man who lived in a certain area in Qumm. In addition, there are fifty Ashrafis in this gold bag that we do not let ourselves to pick them up.” The man asked, “Why?” [The Imām (mgehr)] stated, ‘These Ashrafis are obtained from the sale of wheat, that was shared between him and his farmers. But He put more weights on the scales and took their possession.

His Excellency Imām Haṣan Askarī (pbuh) stated, ‘You are right, my son!’ Then he told Aḥmad, ‘Bequeath it to its their owners. We do not want them, they are Haram!’ In this way, he purified them. However, when Sa’d ibn Abdullāh was about to ask his questions, His Excellency Askarī (pbuh) stated, ‘Ask whatever you want of my light of eyes!’ Then he pointed to His Excellency, Sāhib al Amr (mgehr).

Then he asked all of his difficult questions, and heard beneficial answers. There were some questions which he had forgotten, but through miracle, His Excellency (pbuh) reminded him, and answered them as well. (The Hadith is long, however I mentioned it in other books).