Have you ever heard his [Imam ʿAlī (pbuh)’s] plaintive Mahdavī chants?

Kumayl said:

[Once] Amīr al Mu’menīn ʿAlī (pbuh) took my hand and we went out of Kūfah.

When we reached to the field and plain nature, he sighed a deep and cold one. Then, he stated,

‘O, God! There is never a land left empty from the one who “holds the religion of God through reasons and proofs.

Whether in a clear and obvious or hidden and prudent way, [he does it] lest God’s clear proofs and reasons are invalidated and canceled.

Who and where are they?

By God, the number of them is few, but they are very honorable and have so high rank by God that,

God preserves his own proofs and signs.

In the world, they live with bodies whose souls are of the high world.

These are God’s successors on the earth, and the invitors [people] to God’s religion.

Ah, psaw! How strongly eager I am to meet them!


Collection date:

1/ 30/ 2016


Nahj al Balāgha, Sermon 139, Trans: Fayz aL Islam


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