“The world in the Emergence Era” to Judaism

God will enlighten the world with his [own] light…


1- And Divine nature will command the sun to heal the ones, whose conditions haven’t been treated yet.

2-By God’s command, there will be flowing water from Jerusalem. And all the sick will be healed through it.

3& 4- [God] will force the trees to bring fruit every month and whoever eat them, will be healed.

[God] will rebuild all the ruined cities, so there will be no ruin in the world.

5- Wolves will live with lambs and Leopards with kids [babies of goats]. Also, Lions will sleep with caws and calves [in the same place].

Infants can put his hand on the adder’s den.

7& 8- No one will die [before Resurrection Day], and God will remove tears from faces [No one will shed tears then].

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Isaiah 60:19

2-Malachi 4: 2

3. Ezekiel 47:9

4- Same verse 12

5- Same 16:55

6- Isiah 11:6- 8

7- Same 25: 8

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