Factitious claimants of Messiah

There have been affection and sensation for pending the promisedapocalypse in Jewish vicissitudious history.
From ancient to present times Hundreds of people have claimed that they are the Messiah!
And they attracted some simple-minded sons of Israel for a few time.

For example:
Several centuries after anno domini, a man whose name was Moses lived in Crete or Condia Island, and he introduced himself “Messiah” and all the Jewish societies of the island were deceived by him.
Sabbatai Zevi! (August 1, 1626 – c. September 17, 1676)was one of the most famous factitious Messiah and the newfound sect (Dönmeh
) in turkey is his monumental.
Strong acclamation for claimants has an important message; that is, people had heard a lot about the saver
Yes! The World looks forward to having …, but who is that one??


“Pending for Messiah in Judaism”, Cranston, p53-76

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