Prophet Daniel( pbuh), the savior oriented

Prophet Daniel( pbuh) encouraged Jewish nation in too much hardship and stress time
Book of Prophet Daniel( pbuh) is a esoteric one in which, he had strange dreams that Gabriel interpreted them.

And its summary is that,
The Kingdom of God will be just and eternal …
The future of the world will be administered by the Son of man and the divine kingdom which is eternal.1

the Son of man in old testament, is the irony of Messiah and in the New Testament ,it refers to the returning of Jesus the Christ( pbuh).
Prophet Daniel( pbuh) explained the promised apocalyptic thought, in an esoteric language.
After prophet Daniel( pbuh), a prophet called” Malachi (pbuh)” was sent to them. Who was very influential in universalization of this thought.

1-Prophet Daniel( pbuh), chapter 8,verse 1-13, and b8 ,a15

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