The condition for looking forward to the Emergence

Professor: Ḥujjat-u l-Islām Mir Bāqiri

Looking forward to the Emergence is not a deed, besides other deeds! It is an attitude toward life. All aspects of the life of the one who looks forward to the Emergence are in accordance with the conditions of looking forward to the Emergence.

Their sleep, job, food, marriage, education, whatever they do, and the whole life of an individual who looks forward to the Emergence, is in the path of his Imām (mgehr). They are looking forward until His Majesty Emerges; then, wherever they are in the world, whenever they are born at any time, they will act in accordance with His Excellency’s plan,

They are with their Imām (mgehr) and follow him in any conditions. He [Imām (mgehr)] is the asset that we must save. If we save him, we will attain all blessings, but if we are not with him, we will not gain any goodness.

If someone attempts to reach the Imām (mgehr) and stays with him, nothing will harm him. However, this is very difficult, because this is the essence of the test that the Almighty God takes from us.


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