The best deeds of my Ummah is looking forward to the emergence of Imām al-Zamān (mGehr).

But, finally the next generations will get rid of these disasters and difficulties, in an era which is unknown. One day, a person comes and we will get rid of these hardships, just this!

Having a blind point even as big as a candle in their natures, wisdom, thought, the mentioned people are spending their today lives, with the hope of a clear coming future. But Shi’a religion, has another view.

On the mid Shaʾban, the supreme leader of the revolution, said a beautiful sentence. Dear leader thoughtfully, told a narration about this narration. He said, ‘Fariiqain; Sunnis and Shias agreed with this narration, that the Holy Prophet (pbuh&h) stated,

‘فضَلُ أعمالِ اُمَتی إنتِظارُ الفَرَجِ

The best deeds of my Ummah is looking forward to the emergence of Imām al-Zamān (mGehr).

The very narration is our symbol, aim and path. He didn’t state,

‘أفضَلُ نیاتُ اُمتی،

The best intentions of my Ummah…

So it shows, looking forward to the Emergence is not sitting in a closed- door room in which we sit, do nothing, and [just] say, “He will come!”

Actions means a description of tasks that guide us in moving towards a goal. Actions means the duties that a person performs in line with action, not just in the realm of thinking about that belief. A person who is drowning finally describes this Last Era, and the turbulence of the atheism of our traditions. It’s the time when the faith of the sky [ the people of the world] has gone to the wind.

Also he added:

In the Last Era, being faithful to the religion [God], is more difficult than holding a fire in the palm of your hand, unless you leave the religion and get rid of the fire! Just this! But if you keep on holding it, you will have to get fired.

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