Lost intention

Professor: Panāhian

The most effective, beneficial, useful step we can take, is to [do the things to] reach to God! It means you should work with the best intention, thought, kind heart, and intention. [Good] Intention is something we have lost, in our lives!

[For example] you go to a store, and you have the intention to buy a car. But the man says, “Get out, you don’t have enough money, sir!” Here your intention isn’t worth a lot. But the Lord of the world stated:

Begin the journey to me, through your intention! What do you want? Speak with me! Tell, ‘O, God! I’d like to enlighten the earth with my prayers, at midnight! At dawn, God keeps evil away from people, by me! Hence, I wake you up to perform Night Pray, at dawn.

Caring our hearts just for few times is our very great misfortune! This crowd who has truthful intention, that takes these steps [in Arbaʽeen], is expected to say firmly, “I am going to ask Mahdī of Fātimā (PBUH) to come back. I swear by God, that the Excellency will return!” But all of a sudden an evil comes and ridicules, “Damn you! You are not counted upon!”

While you are to say “Amen” when the people pray!”

It is important; your idea is essential to God! Your intention is important to God. The thing you wish is essential to God. God has created the world for you!

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