Iran’s Supreme Leader [Āyatullāh Khāmene’ī]

The mottos that Imam Zamān (mgehr) will raise band practice, are the same mottos of our people today.

This is the very significant step toward on the way of Imam Zamān (mgehr)

[the mottos are:] of monotheism,  spirituality and religiosity.

These mottos are the Muslims nations’ wishes in many countries of the world.

They will be put into practice one day [in future].

When these fields will become provided, it will turn out that against arrogant material power, it is possible for all people to stand on their words.

That is will be Imam Zamān (mgehr)’s day of emergence.

The day in which, his message will attract all the ready hearts_ throughout the world.



Iran’s Supreme Leader; Āyatullāh Khāmene’ī A. (12/ 11/ 2000)

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