Just before The Emergence

The sentences of great meanings… [By Imam ʿAlī (pbuh)]:

Misers have chosen the left and right ways, and paved the ways.

They paved the misleading paths and abandoned the direct path of guidance and salvation!

So, don’t accelerate with what will be fated and will happen.

And don’t be hasty for what will be fated in the future.

Many a time, the people Accelerate to achieve some things. But when they achieve the things, they wish they hadn’t gained and seen them.

So near is our present time to the future, whose effects have already been manifested.

O, people! Now, we are on the verge of fulfilling the given promises and the proximity of the Emergence_ which are covered and unknown to you.


Collection date:

1/ 31/ 2017

Nahj al Balāgha, Trans: Faiz ul- Islam, sermon 150.

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