The praising Grace [by God] and Proof of Imam (PBUH)’s Existence

“The praising Grace” refers to the things, that God has done for human beings to encourage them into [religious] duties and prevent them from rebellion.

Allameh Helli says:

The praising Grace of God” refer to those, which dont take power and choice from us, but they are effective in bringing us closer to servitude and preventing us from commiting  sins.” [Kashf Al-Murad, page 324]

Argumentation method:

There are plans and duties to achieve the purpose of “Wise God” in the creation of human (which is Perfection.)

In which, God will pave the ways [for human] to perform these duties;

everything that enlightens and encourages humans in acting on that plan.

“The installation and introduction of Imam (PBUH),plus a divine guidancr” are clear examples of the praising grace of God for the humans.


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