Why are we expected to pray for Imām Zamān (mgehr)’s health?

Why to Give to Charity

Professor Shojaei:

An individual asked, ‘Why should we give alms for Imām Zamān (mgehr)?’

Well, The Excellency Imām Zamān (mgehr) may get sick. He [may] get many sicknesses which we usually get. That’s not the case, God has not covered him in a foil, not to get any sicknesses! Yes, he is [sometimes] bothered by us; by us ourselves!  Also, he is bothered for the sake of us! Every one of us has annoyed him for many years. While, [if we were him,] we wouldn’t tolerate even one second of it. As if, the Imām (mgehr) were one of the least important people in society; one of the lowest class people of society_ we seek refuge in God! Yet, we pray for his health “Be a guardian, a protector (ولیاً و حافظاً)”. Also after the pilgrim “Ale Yasin”, we recite “O God, protect him from the evil of every transgressor and disobedient ((مِن شرّ کلّ باغٍ و طاغ, and from the evil of all your creatures, and protect him.”

Sir [Imām Zamān (mgehr)] is the problem solver; he is “Bāb-ul-Hawaij [the Door to Fulfilling People’s Needs]. It’s not the case that he lives in grace and bliss, and he donates charity to us! He is an Imām (mgehr), a [true] symbol for me, and the one whom I have fallen in love with. He suffers as much as the whole population on earth. He is under pressure and suffers alone; one thousand, one hundred and eighty years of solitude! 1180 years is a long time! This is an exception [the only type]! Besides that, he is “الشریدُ الطریدُ الفریدُ الوحیدُ “(the homeless1, fugitive2, the unique, and the solitude).



  • By homeless here means, the one who doesn’t live in a known house.
  • By fugitive here means, he has been rejected by so-called, fake religious ones and other cruel people.


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