To be indifference to soft war (Nahj Al- Bilāgha)

They [wrong people] ruled for so long time that, they let their dishonor change into opprobrium.

They deserved to be blown away by the world!

And when it was about their deadline, a group of them joint the intriguants.

On the contrary, one other group launched an attack on corrupted people.

And they haven’t bestowed upon God, through patience.

To be martyr in the path of Go, didn’t seem important to them.

Finally, Divine will put an end to the end of the era of ignorance.

[Yes,] they fought with swords in the path of God;

they wisely fought with swords,

they obeyed The Lordو

they listened to their advisers [prophets (pbu th)]’s order

And they lived in victory and proud…

But alas, a group regressed to their ignorant past life.

And they were deviated through paving various [wrong] ways.

They joint their deviant friends, and cut off friendship with the believers.


Collection date:

1/ 31/ 2016

The sermon 150, sec. 3, Trans: Dashti

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