The suffered people look forward more to the Emergence…

June 7, 2017 0

History has accompanied with cruelty, vice and filth from the beginning up to date and from today to coming of the world sun (emergence of Imam Mahdi (hgr)!

Through the remembrance of the birth of great historical savior [imam Mahdi (hgr)], there is hope in the hearts of the people who have suffered from cruelty_ whether the ones that have suffered from being oppressed or the others who have suffered from observing oppression…

Imam Mahdi (hgr) sees…

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He (hgr) is viewer and sees; he (hgr) saw your elections, Iʿtikāf, trying of youths for decoration of Mid-Sha’ban celebration, and the presence of women and men in different domains, Imam Mahdi (hgr) has seen and now he (hgr) sees, too.

And he (hgr) becomes glad of whatever is as a mark of being Muslim, willpower of believing and doing according to them.

And if, God forbid, we do this action reversely (I hope never ever happens), we will dissatisfy him (hgr)…

Great Badr!

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In the past, self-front had been screened in severity. Today our discussion is about “Self-front”.

I believe today self-front is like the same battle of those three hundred and thirteen people of Badr. Today is the day of Great Badr battle, too.
May these people who participate in today`s great Badr battle, are one hundred and thirteen companions of imam Zaman [imam Mahdi (hgr)], in the Emergence era.

Do you know what is the difference between Shia’s belief and other`s about the savior?

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Mr. Khamenei; the leader said:

The difference between us (Shia) with others the other Islamic and non-Islamic sects or others , is that we know this precious and supreme person;
We know his name, birth date, his precious father and mother and his ancestors, and what happened to him. But the others don’t know these. That is why Shia’s recourses, are livelier, more fervent, more meaningful and more oriented.

The truth which is agreed by all religions of the world

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All known religions of the world, approximately agree with each other about the principle of hope to a bright future for human and the emergence of a savior for establishment of justice in all of the world.

Except from Islam, Christianity, Judaism, even Indian religions, Buddhist and religions which are unknown for the most of people of the world, have given glad tidings (such a future) in their trainings.

Trickery is forbidden[ No Trickery]

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In Islamic system deception and trickery _for attraction of people`s votes _is crime. The full symbol for Islamic systemis is imam Mahdi (hgr) `s government

And abuse of power for earning money is one of the greatest crimes!

Retaliate for justice!

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Its late to start from the first step! If a society has already got preparation and sufficiency, it can welcome the promised Mahdi (hgr). Otherwise, the people will behave like what the formers did with prophets( pbu th) and saint people (ʾawliyāʾ) in history!

That’s why Amīr al-Mu’minīn; Ali ibn Abi Talib(pbuh) could not root out the devil, during short period of his government with those: divine power, divine science, volition power, the beauties and shinning in his honorable character. While it had been recommended a lot by prophet Muhammad(pbuh)!

What do some responsible men fear from?!

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Although all world especially Zionist company and powerful people and plutocracy of the world become upset and they invasively propagandize, it is not important.
Today, base of Iran revolutionary is stable and these storms cannot unsteady this glorious structure, what do they fear from?

What do they consider for?

What can we do to help the Emergence happens?

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More we try and self-improve: Learn Epistemology[ Hear means knowledge of God], ethics, behavior and competency within yourselves, closer you bring the event.
These are in our control.
If we self improve more, the event will happen sooner.

The worthiest feeling…

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Wherever you are_ at university, Islamic seminaries, different schools, in markets, factories, barracks, villages and cities_ feel that you are a soldier of holy imam Mahdi (hgr)

Work for that honorable man (hgr) and ask God Almighty for help and success.