Twelve Caliphs (pbu th) [12 Shiites’ Imams] in Sunna’s Sources

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Jabir 1said, “I was in.. presence of God’s messenger [prophet Muhamad (pbu h & h)] and I heard that he stated,”
“Due to existence of twelve caliphs, duty and condition of Ummah [people] are continuously obvious.”
Ahmad ibn Hanbal (of the Sunni elders) has written on page 86 of volume 5 of In his book “Musnad”:
“Jabir has narrated this narration via 34 ways.”

Intense differ in jews

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Christians are historically common with jews, scilicet their historicall past are the same. (Matthew, Chapter15, Paradigm17)
But whether prophet Jesus was the same saviour and behest whom considered in Isaiah, Zachariah, Daniel’s books?

Some jews was believed that prophet Jasus (Pbuh) is the Messiah and saviour but some of them didn’t accept this, so intensively hurt prophet Jesus and his suit! Infact hanging Jasus was behalf these jewish druid…

World in zohur time in standpoint of Jewish

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The worldwill belighten by God`s light
Even if anyone is sick, Holy Lord will command sun to heal him
Flowing water will stream from Jerusalem and any sickness will be cured by it..
God makes trees fruit monthly and human eat those fruits and will be healed…

Did you know!!

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Did you know that Jewish people pray three times (morning, evening,night) and their prayershave more than 18 clauses.(one of their prayers is especial for coming sooner of mashih?)
And one of a Jewishperson involve with this belief matter both in his/her base ofbelief and his/herprayers ?!

Zohur stages of Christ (pbuh) in yuhanna`s apocalypse

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First Stage: it is heard three voices”voice of shout!Voice of boss of angels of sky and loud trumpet”that all three ones will be heard in all the world, at his moment Christ (pbuh) will appear in the sky.
Second stage: coming of antichrist or factitious Christ! And get his power from “Satan”
He will blaspheme terribly! He will fight with saints, and kill believers! The mystery and symbol is 1 and 666…
Third stage: it is period of problems, War between nations, earthquakes, murder, plague, death of sea, ruin of plants…

Sever dissention

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bible mata chapter 15, verse17

But is Christ (pbuh) the same as saver and moud, the one who is introduced inIsaiah,Zechariah and Daniel ‘books?

Christian Behest

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The sentence “jesus will further return.” is one of the consequential and clue concepts which is implicit in the bible more than 300 times.
In ‘New Testament’ several complete chapters dedicated to christian behest. (Matthew, chapters 24&25 ; Mark, chapter 13, Luke, chapter 21)
Some enchiridions merely endeavor to express this concept’s importance, as well as the book “Johannes’s Apocalypses” which is completely about the apocalypse incidents.

Saviour in Islam

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Psalms, torah, evangel… Singly religion which it’s heavenly courses didn’t mutilate or revolve, is “Islam”. Islam’s behest and saviour, nee ‘Mahdi’ unto shiaa and sunna. ‘Mahdi’ (whom peace be upon him) is his most famous agnomen.

Imam Bagher (Pbuh) declares about it: “Certainly he called ‘Mahdi’ due to he is conducted via a hidden matter. He will unweave torah and other holy writs frome a cave in Antiochia.

Incidents of after Epiphany

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Johannes persists: “All predictions of epyphany era will realize” until conform to what offered in David’s Psalms. In Johannes’s “Apocalypses” observed:

1- Return of Jesus along saints

2- A war namely “Charmageddon” or “Chahmageddon”

3- Satan being

Satirizing the anticipators!

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It’s considered in the secound Peter’s epistle: “While, they will satirize the belief of Jasus further return!” (1)

In Matthew’s evangel said: “while me; behest Jasus, gloriously and along all my angels, return, then I’ll perch on my glorious throne.

Afterward all ground’s nations will repel me and I’ll disperse them as a herdsman who detach sheeps by goats…” (2)