Incidents of after Epiphany

Johannes persists: “All predictions of epyphany era will realize” until conform to what offered in David’s Psalms. In Johannes’s “Apocalypses” observed:

1- Return of Jesus along saints

2- A war namely “Charmageddon” or “Chahmageddon”

3- Satan being captived

4- Satirizing of saints on power throne (They will govern.)

5- Unfastening of satan after one thousand years. (Though he can’t solicit anyone more.)

6- Adjudication on white throne. (Major doomsday)

Ending of the world; Ending of material life of the world and perpetuity of Jesus and his suit and accordingly we will join to God again. (We call it heaven but and they call it perpetuity life and eternal living.)

David’s Psalms, Chapter25, Paradigm3-8

Johannes’s Apocalypses, Chapter19, Paradigm11 and Chapter2, Paradigm15

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