“Hard events of future”

In Nahj al- Balāgha

[It refers to what is happening now in Sham and Kūfah cities]

Well, By The One who opened seeds and created humans and animated beings.

What I am inform you about, is by the illiterate Prophet (pbuh&h) [it is the Divine knowledge, not of school science].

Neither did the speaker [God’s words by Gabriel] tell lie, nor the listener [the Prophet (pbuh&h)] was unaware.

I see [spiritual sight] as if, a very misled is roaring in Sham, rushing, and installing his own flag around Kūfah. After he opens his mouth, he will violate and then overcame.

The intrigue will bite its children with its teeth, and add fuel to the fire. The days, will look having frown a sad complexion and the nights, will pass with the feeling of endurance and suffer.

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Nahj al- Balāgha, Trans: Fayz al Islam, Sermon 100

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