The “Perfect man” in some religions and schools

June 23, 2018 0

In ancient India, the perfect man had been remarked as “Arhat” which means the worthy or perfect man, and as “Freeman”.

[Also] some Chinese schools such as Taoism and Confucius, mentioned about “Tao” and “The free man”.

He is [considered] as a holy pure man who has the highest human status.

Plato believed a “philosopher” has characteristics of the perfect man.

You [human beings] exist, as long as beneficence exists

June 9, 2018 0

When two things are extremely far and different on the rank point of view (such as God who is in the highest position vs. the world which is in a very low rank),

There needs for intermediates, in order for the low rank to contact the high.

Like “sunlight”, which is an intermediary between the fireball of the sun and the cold globe of the earth.

Why only God should determines Imam?

May 11, 2018 0

[Once I was at Imam al-Askari (pbuh)’s house]. I asked his son; [Imam] Mahdi (mgehr),

‘Why aren’t people permitted to choose their Imam by themselves?’

He stated, ‘Who do you mean? A righteous or a corrupted Imam”?

I said, ‘I mean the Imam and leader who is righteous.’

He stated, ‘You are not aware of other people’s thoughts!’

Do you remember the saying “Which came first, the chicken or the egg”?

May 9, 2018 0

If there lives a creature in the system of nature and creation, it has been created the more prefect and honorable [form] of it before.

[So] by this means perhaps, the famous question can be answered as,

“Chicken or Egg! Which Came First?”

Yes, at first God created the first prefect form (hence the hen).

The leader [the Imam]…

January 14, 2018 0

Obviously if a society is under the supervision of a boss or a manager,

Who prevents them from aggression and selfishness

and invites [them] to justice and fairness,

That society will be righteous and progressed, and it will be far from corruption and degeneration.

He [Imam Mahdi (hgr)] is present and can be achievable [if we regard morals]…

December 10, 2017 0

[Imagine] A vice city, with the demons of Jinn and human … all put their effort not to let you get to the destination!

Suppose an individual has invited some people to his/her home.

He also provided special reception and excellent food for them.

Although he has given the home address, he knows there are some fraudulences along the way.

Does it make sense without it [the purpose]!?

November 29, 2017 0

There is no doubt, that the process of the creation by the wise God was purposeful.

Also, there had been a purpose in the creation of human that is “To reach the perfection”.

And its achievement is closely related to “Recognition of the way and the guide [Imam]”.

Can one get the perfect recognition only through wisdom?

Do Not Doubt

November 29, 2017 0

As for choosing a [educational] major, one should refer to the “supervisor”,

for [writing] a thesis, one is led to “advisor”,

and [again] for traveling with a tour, a “tour leader” is available,

For all these reasons and even more, we need a “Supervisor, an Advisor and Leader”; to pave sensitive and sophisticated roads of the world,

Imamate Must Be Understood… 

November 28, 2017 0

Since, the “comprehension of the majority” lies with the wisdom and “comprehension of the minority” is in the field of five senses, naturally wisdom is not used to prove minor affairs.

For example, wisdom can only rule that the sum of the angles in a triangle is 180 degrees. Or that each effect requires a cause.

Where should we start?

November 28, 2017 0

For researching and reasoning in the principle of Imāmate, we must first know God and His Prophet [Muhammad (Pbuh&h)]

As they are the prerequisites for the discussion of Imamate.

Therefore, the texts which are loaded with the subject of “rational proofs of Imamate and [Shiite] Messianic”,

Are following: Monotheism, resurrection, prophecy, and divine justice). It means, one is expected to have researched, understood and accepted these truths, in advance