What you read are based on reliable Aḥādīth

The Divine Call1 will be heard, throughout the east and west of the world. It means, all the people of the world [will hear it]. More interesting, each one will hear it in their own mother tongue. It’s no matter to be far or near; they will hear it from faraway as like as from nearby.

The sound will be sudden and dreadful. Hearing it, the good will wake up! [if they are standing, they will sit. And if they are sitting, they will stand!] Afterward, the people first bow down, then they will believe in [Imām Mahdī (mgehr)].

But damn on troublesome Satan! We have 9 reliable Aḥādīth referring to this point, “After The Divine Call, Satan will yell and …”


1-     It refers to the call by Gabriel, as the sign of The savior; Imām Mahdī (mgehr)’s emergence.


Collection date:

8/ 27/ 2019


Zamāni, Nedaye Asemani,  P. 124



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