Qurʾān and “Al- Khasf bi l- Baydāʾ “

Qurʾān and “Al- Khasf bi l- Baydāʾ1” (happening a big sink hole in the desert.)

Several times, the word “Khasf” and its derivations were referred to, in Holy Qurʾān.  For example: in Surah Al- Qasas, Verse 81 God stated,

“Then We caused the earth to swallow him up and his house.”

Also in Surah Al- Nahl, Verse 45, God stated,

“… feel secure that Allah will not cause the earth…”

There are other proofs too, such as:

Surah Isra, Verse 86

Surah Anˈam, Verse 65,

Surah Hūd, Verse 83,

Surah An- Nisa,

Verse 47, etc.


1-     Al- Khasf bi l- Baydāʾ refers to an incident in which, the Earth will swallow the land. That is the collapse and the defeat of the Sufyanī’s army in the land of Baydāʾ, a desert between Mecca and Medina.

Collection Date:

5/ 28/ 2017


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