The prayer of Imam Zamān (mgehr) for the birth of Shaykh al-Ṣadūq

The third is, Shaykh Tūsī and others have narrated that, [once] Ali ibn Babawayh wrote a petition for His Excellency Sahib al-Amr (mgehr) and gave it to Ḥusayn ibn Rūḥ (may God be pleased with him). In that petition, he asked His Excellency to ask God on behalf of him to bless him a child. In return, His Excellency wrote, “We prayed on behalf of you, and God will gift you two virtuous children soon.”

So soon after, the Almighty God gifted him two children; born by a bondwoman.  One of them [was named] Muḥammad and the other Ḥusayn. And Muḥammad left many poems, including the book “Man Lā Yahḍuruhū al-Faqīh”, and Ḥusayn left a descendant with many of Muḥaddithūn. Muḥammad was proud as, “I have been born by the prayers of His Majesty Qā’im (mgehr).” Also his masters admired him and said that, the one who had been born by the prayers of His Excellency Sahib al-Amr (mgehr), deserved to be such a person! [such a great person]