At Imām Ḥusayn (pbuh)’s School

“To help the Imam (pbuh)”,

is the main lesson of this school… [the divine school]!

In the session “Jāmi’ah Kabīrah”1, the prayer doesn’t read “make me ready to help him”.

But it implies “I am ready to help you; you can count on me, [and] my help is ready for you …”

That is why in the session Ahad2, the ones who looks forward to the Emergence say chorally:

اللهُمَّ إنّی اُجَدِدُ لَهُ فی صَبیحَةِ یَومی هذا وَ ما عِشتُ مِن أیّامی عَهداً وَ عَقدا وَ بَیعَةً لَه فی عُنُقی، لا أحولُ عَنها وَ لا أزولُ أبَدا.

“O, Allah, I update to him in the beginning of the day and throughout the days of lifetime a pledge, a covenant, and allegiance to which I commit myself and from which I neither convert nor change.”

And now it is high time, we take the exam! O, followers of Ḥusayn (pbuh)! Get ready …!


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1-     1- Jāmi’ah Kabīrah is a comprehensive prayer by Imām Hādī (pbuh), which makes the reader familiar with Imams (pbu th)’ features.

2- Ahad prayer is from Imam Sadīq (mgher), which includes the reincarnation of Imam Zamān (pbuh). This prayer is one of the prayers that have been emphasized on reading it during the absence of the Imam of Time (pbuh). It is said that anyone who reads this prayer for forty mornings, they will be His Excellency Qa’im (mgehr)’s servants.


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