why did Imam Zaman`s mother convert to Islam from Christianity?

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I told him, ‘O’ my dear! Why haven’t you let me visit your majesty, after that you made me fall in your love?’

The Excellency stated,  ‘This delay, was just because you were an unbeliever. Now that you have become a Muslim, I am going to visit you every night until The Almighty God get us together in appearance and change this separation to an arrive.’

wedding ceremony of Imam Zaman`s mother – part 3

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my grandfather “Kaiser” had got me married to his brother’s son, when I was thirteen.

So he invited three hundreds of apostle’s offspring, Nazarene’s scholars and the worshippers. Also he invited seven hundreds of grandees and noblemen, plus four thousands of generals of the army, warlords of the military, commanders of the troop, chiefs of the tribes, and gathered them all in his palace.

Birthday of the promised saviour

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In the morning, she will show the signs of pregnancy. Well, her case is like Moses (pbuh)’s mother’s; she hadn’t had changed at all, till she gave birth to the child. And no one had known that she was pregnant. Yet, Pharaoh would tear the pregnant women’s bellies to find Moses (pbuh). Now, this son is similar to His Excellency Moses (pbuh), in this situation.

Mother of Majesty Imam Zamān (mgehr) – part 1

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One day Imām Alie al- Naqī (pbuh)’s servant; Kafūr came to me and asked me to visit The Excellency. When I went to him and sat there, The Excellency stated, ‘You are of Ansari’s children. And from the time of the Messenger of God [Prophet Muhammade (pbuh&h)] till now, we; Ahl al- Bayt, have granted our wilaya[8] and affection to all of you. We have always trusted on you. So I have chosen you and will explain what you should know. Then, you can be the superior among the other Shiites in our wilaya. Also I reveal other secrets for you. Well, I am going to send you to buy a bondwoman.

what is the meaning of name Gharim for promised saviour ?

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Gharim can mean both a “Debtor” and a “Creditor”. Here, it looks to mean the first one. This tile was given to him because of Taqīyah, like the title Qulām [an adolescent boy]. As the Shiites used to send him or his Four Deputies, some money, write wills or borrow some [money] from him, they called him “Gharim”.

Who will be the father of that child?

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She replied, ‘I don’t want Ashrafi! I want the [everlasting] honor.’ His Excellency stated, ‘[If so], I want to give you the glad tiding to an offspring who will become the lord of the west and the east. He will fill the world with justice and righteous; after it is filled with oppression and injustice.

Where is my Imam ?

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You are “The Guided by me” among my servants. I swear by my essence [The essence of God] that if they [people] obey you, I will reward them for their good deeds. But whoever disobeys you, I will punish him.

I will forgive my servants, for your intercession and guidance.

The matchmaking ceremony of Imam Zaman`s mother – part 4

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] after I woke up of that glorifying dream, I didn’t express it to my grandfather. And I kept this affluent treasure in my heart. But the fire of love for that sun of Imāmate’s sky got blazing, day to day. It made me impatient and restless, so much that I couldn’t drink and eat anymore.

How did mother of Imam Zamān (mgehr) come to Baghdad ? – part 2

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You are to watch from a distance to see a slaver who is named Amroo ibn Yazīd, for the entire day. Then, he will introduce a bondwoman with the following characters.’ Then the Excellency started to explain her like this: She is wearing a full covering silk dress, and also she would not let the customers look at or touch her.