The stages of Christ (pbuh)’s advent in Revelation to John

It is the text in brief


The first stage: Three sounds are heard

“The loud call, The voice of angels of heaven and The extremely loud Horn.”

All three are heard in the whole universe.

There, the Christ (pbuh) will emerge in the sky.


The second stage: the Antichrist or the false Messiah rises!

He takes power from Satan.

While he runs his government, he terribly blasphemes!

He Fights with sacred things.

He kills the believers.

His code and sign is “666”


The third stage: There are difficulties and disasters.

Wars of and revolt among nations, earthquakes, massacres, plague, death of the sea, destruction of plants


The fourth stage: The Christ (pbuh) returns to the earth, along with all the believers.

There, God sets fire from the sky…

and all the anti-Christ armies will be destroyed.


The fifth stage: The Christ (pbuh) reigns for a thousand years.

Meanwhile, mercy, affection, justice, truth and health spreads everywhere.

The sixth stage: Satan is released after one thousand years,


And he quickly collects non-believers and intends to fight.

But, he won’t succeed in the fight and will be thrown into the sea of fire.The seventh stage: The world enters a new phase

And there is no trace of Satan and sinners.

The wickedness of the world is gone, and the world turns to another beginning.



Collection date:

3/ 12/ 2016



Treatise on Revelation to John

The Horizon of Huzzah, 23 (3), 8

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