Seeking the savior in the words of Isaiah (pbuh)

Isaiah lived 700 years BC.

He did mentioned about the savior’s emergence, more than other prophets (pbu th).

In his words, the most excellent example for saving Israelites was a person named “`Immanu’el”. (`Immanu’el means, God with us)

Before Isaiah (pbuh), the notion of Messiah or the savior wasn’t a worldwide notion at all!

But after him, the thought of Messiah has remained in place.

And the attitude toward Messiah has become worldwide.

The prophets (pbu th) after him would promise Messiah emergence, a better future and the immortal government, as well.

Then, [God] granted the Light of Prophecy to Daniel (pbuh)…



Collection date:

3/ 11/ 2016

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