“Seeking the savior” in Judaism

Surely, Ṭālūt was the savior [at his time].

But he was [the savior] to save “a nation”, whom at David’s and Solomon (pbu th)’s time reached their peak.

And it was God’s very true promise to Israelites.

Yet all Jewish scholars have assumed that, the Messianic rule of David (pbuh) would last forever.

But, just a short time passed and Solomon (pbuh)’s united government was split into two!!

Therefore, David’s and Solomon’s (pbu th) being Mashia1 has been dimmed.

Since then, looking forward to the savior’s emergence would grow more.

Hence, Jews’ misery and suffering have increased.

Where is the savior; the last one [the true one]?

Who is the best for saving Israelites?


1-    Mashia is the Jewish expression for Messiah

Collection date:

3/ 11/ 2016

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