Imamate Must Be Understood


Since, the “comprehension of the majority” lies with the wisdom and “comprehension of the minority” is in the field of five senses, naturally wisdom is not used to prove minor affairs.

For example, wisdom can only rule that the sum of the angles in a triangle is 180 degrees. Or that each effect requires a cause.


In Mahdavi discussion, again wisdom says “the introduction, appointing and existence of divine guidance for humans are not only good, but also necessary and essential”.

But “the recognition and matching of the Imam to the external examples” don’t just lie with wisdom! We must refer to the Book of God [Qur’an], Prophet’s tradition and the benevolences of Imamate claimant [Imams’ leadership].


In other words, the rational proof is to prove that the Imam’s presence is necessary at any time. But its accordance to Imam Mahdi (hgr), is another issue that we have already mentioned in the following address:


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