Deviations in Mahdavīat [Islamic Messianic]

March 24, 2020 0

Imām Sajjād (pbuh) in a ḥadīth described the features of men with insight (true Shiites) as, “A true Shite has three characteristics: Having [a deep] realization of the religion, a wise look at it, and a high knowledge about the Imams (pbu th).”

From Beˈthat to The Emergence

March 23, 2020 0

Beˈthat of Prophet of Islām, Age Ignorant2and the events after that, are the best source of study in order to realize better: The time of The Emergence, what initiate it, and the events after that.

Why haven’t other infallible Imāms (pbu th) been occulted?

January 16, 2020 0

The reason why [Other infallible Imāms (pbu th) haven’t been occulted] was that, the religion programs hadn’t been fully implemented yet. While Qurʾān just presents the principles and laws of religion, its total realization needs to be specified.

To know the mainstream culture of looking forward to the Emergence (1)

February 19, 2020 0

*The mainstream culture of looking forward to the Emergence, in the lifestyle of holy Prophet [Muḥammad (pbuh&h)] and infallible Imāms (pbu th):

When prophet Muḥammad (pbuh&h) began his prophetic mission, God made his mission to establish the universal government of Islām.